III Part

At the Whitman?s?

Stephanie: Oh my gosh girl! What?s with the so last last season clothes? And put on some makeup!
Angeles: what?s wrong with my clothes? I thought you wore uniforms, and I haven?t got mine yet.
Stephanie: Yes, but everyone will know you?re not?
Angeles: I?m not what?
Stephanie: You know I gotta go?I still need to do my hair.

Juanita: No se preocupe niña Angeles. Esa ropa esta bien y su cara esta Linda. Usted no necesita nada de esas pinturas y maquillajes. Su ...

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II Part

Juanita: Hello, excuse me! Niña Angeles. They sent me to ask you if you wanted to go to la misa with them?
Angeles: Misa? Ah! no sabia que eran catolicos?
Juanita: No, no son catolicos. Son protestantes. Que les digo? Que va o no?
Angeles: Si, me baño y voy para abajo. Gracias Juanita.

At the kitchen table?

Claire: Hi Angeles, good morning.
Joseph: Hello Angeles. Come sit at the table. We have eggs, bacon, orange juice. Just have whatever you want.
Stephanie: Bacon, yuc...

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I Part

Maria de los Angeles Estrada was really excited when she got the letter from the exchange program she applied for a few months ago. AEP, the American Exchange Program, had granted Angeles (that?s how she likes to be called) a full scholarship to go to the U.S.A. for nine months to study and live with an American family. Angeles is the artistic type. She spends a lot of time thinking and thinking about?mostly weird stuff, you know, the artist type of thing. But no, Angeles is not really into ...

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