Catch me if You Can(0)
Leo does a very good job in this film. The movie is inspired by the life of Frank Abagnale, an ex-con who wrote $2.5 million dollars worth of bad checks, traveled around the country and overseas as a Pan-Am pilot, passed himself as a doctor and passed the Louisiana bar without even attending law school...Well, at least that's what the movie shows us. The real story only Mr. Abagnale can tell. Produced by Steven Spielberg, the movie is really entertaining and thought provoking (How did he fake a Harvard degree or How can I be as successful as he was doing something illegal) Well, it was a good movie, Leonardo did a nice job playing his character and so did Mr. Hanks.
 Maid in Manhattan(0)
Although I'm not a big admirer of J.Lo, I have to say that I kinda liked this movie. It has a happy and romantic message, but it also portrays the truth about people in service jobs. As J.Lo's character says, "Half the time you don't even notice us and the other half we're just some kind of ridiculous stereotype." The movie seems fresh, the acting is alright...I mean, it's J.Lo! but I kinda liked it. It's got a nice more polite and grateful towards the people in the service industry and follow your dreams. They can become true.


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