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High School Popularity: How Lame!

A blonde girl walks by you. She's wearing the perfect dress, the perfect shoes. She has perfect hair, perfect legs and perfect lips. She turns around and looks at you from head to toe. Your heart starts pounding fast and you don't know what she wants. She starts walking towards you. Your hands begin to sweat and you're out of breath. Then she says hi and invites you on a date. At this point you start to think, "Yeah right! That's the typical teen movie or teen song." Yes, this is the kind of thing Hollywood studios make big bucks off. They know what you want and they feed into it. It's all about High School popularity, isn't it? But have you ever thought who are really responsible for this social phenomenon that doesn't even respect cultural boundaries?

We all know about the standards by which people have been measured up for decades: blonde, blue eyes, long legs, fair skin, thin, etc. But wait! Yamila Diaz, an Argentinean model, with brown hair, brown eyes and tanned skin just made the cover of Sports Illustrated?so does that mean that our standards have changed? Who is responsible for these changes? Well?in her case?a team of photographers and magazine executives are, however I'm sure they picked her thinking she would make people from around the world buy the magazine. Yes, there is no doubt she has a great body figure and she's beautiful... beautiful skin, beautiful eyes, beautiful makeup? But have you stopped for a second and looked around? Can you spot a Yamila Diaz in the raw at your school?

Well, now that we have identified the fact that physical standards in their entirety do not make anyone popular. Do you remember that girl or boy back at school who you thought was gorgeous, but nobody else really saw it? She or he probably lacked the personality to impress others?or the money. Then again she or he might have lacked the intelligence to play the game. Yes, it's all a game! Once you identify the factors that measure popularity at your particular school, you're in.

I went to so many schools?mainly because I guess I never really liked school, but by the end of my 12th year everything seemed so clear. I went to a Catholic all-girls elementary school. Popularity there was measured by two standards: very good grades and your ability to impress the nuns?and also by your parents' genetic ability to give you a twin sister. Being blonde and blue-eyed also helped a bit, but it wasn't as important as the first two standards I mentioned. Then I transferred to a non-sectarian all-girls school where popularity was measured by your natural or acquired dancing skills and to have nice-looking boyfriends from the all-boys school around the corner. However my claim to popularity came when I had already transferred to a private co-ed High school. One day I had to go back to my previous school to hand in some invitations for my birthday party. There, the most popular girl of the school approached me and made a nice comment about my hair. I just laughed! I asked her, "So just because I'm wearing one of the city's most prestigious school's uniform I'm worthy of your attention." No?not true! I didn't tell her that. I didn't really have much time for that or anything else?I always had more important things to do with my time.

Popularity in High School was measured by the size of your house or mansion, the kind of car in which your chauffer drove you to school, the number of vacations to Florida or Europe you took a year, membership at the Yacht or Country club, and how much you tried to imitate the kids who were "lucky" enough to have all that and not pretend they did?oh! and whether or not you were dating some presidential or diplomatic candidate's son or daughter. However, this last one didn't turn out to be such a good deal once their corrupted practices were discovered and they had flee to a neutral country like Panama or Switzerland. So, I successfully graduated from High School without having to impress anyone with anything, but somehow when I went back to visit a friend there everybody had heard about me. I wondered how this was possible. I skipped school all the time and hanged out with people from other schools. But they had heard about my ideals and dreams: My struggles to be fluent in five languages, my determination to study in another continent, my scholarship to a school in Switzerland, my days spent studying drama at the city theater, my short stories that made it all the way to Argentina and Spain, the fake ring I once wore on my nose, my fascination with parapsychology, and about that kid two years younger that I liked. I guess I had finally figured it out. Other people's standards didn't matter. It's your own standards that matter. Live your life according to yourself.

Five or ten years from now you'll think about High School popularity and will think Wow! How lame it all was back then?

Piel D' Soaza

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