Some people

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<snapple> whutup ppes
<snapple> peeps*
<snapple> whats crackin?
<snapple> where da hoez at?
<snapple> fuck y'all
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More fun Oish Chat

<D_RAIL> i wanna fuck oish
<Lanthos> hahahaha why does everyone think her name is Oish?
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<Lanthos> Dood, did you even go to her site?
* djspark hands D_RAIL a dirty magazine and some common sense
<djspark> and I'm sure teresa wants to fuck u too </extreme sarcasm>
<Lanthos> hahaha who's Teresa? I thought it was Oish?
<djspark> ohhh my bad... didn't mean to let the secret out of the box
<D_RAIL> anyone got...

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Oish Chat Log Part 2.

Hahaha I can be such an ass:
<stuffy> hello everyone
<Lanthos> 'ello!
<stuffy> so whats going on in here
<Lanthos> not much at all
<Lanthos> you?
<stuffy> why is that?
<Lanthos> hehe because most people are just in here idiling
<stuffy> i saw a hot chick and a chat room
<Lanthos> hahahahaha yeah, lots of people do. Alas, I have never seen the hot chick in the chat room
<stuffy> so i came to the wrong room for a hot chick...

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Oish Chat Log

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<Mack> hey
<Mack> yis she here?
<Mack> hey fuck ut
<Mack> is she here?
<Mack> man i wanted to chat
<Mack> imleaving
<Mack> later

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Oish Blues

I'm really glad that I've stuck with chatting in #oish... The group that talks in that chan are far less immature than some of the forum posters. I used to read the forum multiple times a day and shot up to 100+ posts in a matter of two weeks. But now I've found that a majority of the posts are just about how multiple guys adore or worship this one girl that looks "ok".

Don't get me wrong there are many very nice oishetts out there and is mostly a few not so inteligent ones that gi...

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